Grab or Tag

What is Grab or Tag?

The "Grab or Tag" is a new activity which was invented by Daniel Fournier, owner of Fort Ouest. He mixed the traditional games of tag, "flag football", dodgeball and incorporated a scoring system. The games are also played on our paintball fields. It is a game that brings strategy and planning, communication and promotes good health. Do you want to try? Reserve your time slot now!

Reservation package deal

1h of game play
Access to the game fields
Water bottle
Game play equipment


Book now

* Pictures service is available when the photographer is available.


Additional hour

1 extra hour per participant.


Smoke grenade

Smoke grenades are presently available at Fort Ouest!

Cloud of smoke: $15

How to book?

It's fairly simple, there are 8 steps in your decision process

1) First you must decide on a date with your friends or co-workers.

2) 3 start times are available every day, so either 9 am. 3 pm or 5 pm. Other start times are also available, but we need to talk about it over the phone.

3) Then it's good to contact us to see if the date that interests you is available? Often Saturdays are fully booked ahead of time. So it's good if you prepare ahead of time.

4)Then you need to pay the booking fee, which is $24.95+tx multiplied by the number of players in the group

Example : 10 players at $24.95+tx = $286.86.

5) 3 methods are available to pay your booking fee: 

- By credit card by calling 819-687-9721.
- By EMT (Email Money Transfer) We can then send you the information by phone or by email by using this page.
- by our online reservation page  and one of our reps will call you back.

For each groups, there are tons of possibilities and we prefer to talk with you directly about all these possibilities when you book.

6) Once you are entered for your booked date, you will get a confirmation by email.

7) We invite each participant to fill out their waver form ahead of time!

8) A few days before you event, you will receive a reminder from our booking system.


Organized days or evenings

Occasionally Fort Ouest organizes special events

Entries are then sold at discounted pricing at those events. We can also accommodate about 200 plus players

Find out about these on or Grab or Tag Facebook Page.


3-2-1 go GO GO !!!


Capture the moment

Sent to you by WeTransfer
< 399 photos = +$39
> 400 photos = +$55
For all pictures taken during the event.* A few pictures might be on our Facebook ou Instagram.

On the day of the event

1) Arrive at least 15 minutes prior your event.

2) Once you arrive, send the organizer to our front desk, especially if there are many groups on your event day..

3) Sign the weavers, we need one from EACH player..

4) We require 3 ID cards per 10 players in the group. These 3 cards will be given back to you once all the equipment is returned at the end of the day. If anything is missing or broken (which is not our fault), you will then be boiled for it.

Cancellation Policy

More than 30 days before your event, you can get 100% refund of your booking fee.

29 to 15 days before your event, you can get 70% of your booking fee refunded back.

Less than 14 days before your event, you can not get your booking fee refund back, but it stays in our records for a full year, so you don't really loose it. You then have 1 full year to book your event at a later date.

Example: June 1st 2020 till June 1st 2021.