What is airsoft?

Airsoft is a game that resembles paintball. By the way these 2 activities use the same play fields. Usually the players are split into 2 groups and then there are objectives to accomplish for each organized game. The games usually end by eliminating your opponents or by accomplishing your objectives. A player is usually eliminated by being touched by an airsoft BB. This game is super realistic, when you play it's as if you are off somewhere fighting "for real".

Please note: Currently, we only keep very few complete rental airsoft kits, because airsoft markers are very fragile and break easily. In short, we can help out players in a bind with broken equipment, but we don't have enough for an entire group.

Booking Package Deal

Pictures *
Unlimited nitro
Access to our electric outlets to charge your batteries

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Capture the moment !

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< 399 photos = +$39
> 400 photos = +$55
For all pictures taken during the event.* A few pictures might be on our Facebook ou Instagram.

"À la carte"

You can build your own package deal, the following items can either be rented or bought at the following prices.

* For those renting our airsoft markers (airsoft guns). If you have an issue with the battery, we can exchange it. You also get a high-up magasine. With one large capacity magazine, you have plenty of BBs for 1 game or even 10 games.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades are presently available at Fort Ouest!

Cloud of smoke: $15


We have airsoft for groups of 8 minimum, or you can join existing groups.

Players usually bring their own gear and markers, but we do have a small quantity of equipment on site (markers, masks, hats, neck guards, gloves, suits) to rent on site.

Players need to have full facial protection

Mesh masks over eyes are PROHIBITED.

Before a player may exit the playing fields, he must first remove his "mag", shoot the remaining BBs and then put a barrel bag on the tip of his airsoft marker. If a player doesn't follow this really simple rule, he may be kicked out of the event without refund.

Only biodégradable BBs are aloud on site. We do have a large selection of available BBs on site.

Players must follow our rules

AEGs, shotguns & pistols are limited at 400 fps.

Snipers are limited at 450 fps with bolt action.


Organized days or evenings

Occasionally Fort Ouest organises their own events.

Entries are then sold at discounted pricing and special deals on other things too, like smoke grenades. We have room on site for up to 200 players.

Find out about our events on our Facebook Page.


How to book your airsoft event?

It's fairly simple, there are 9 steps in your decision process

1) First you must decide on a date with your group of friends or foes.

2) 3 start times are available every day, so either 10 am. 2pm or 6 pm. Other start times are also available, but we need to talk about it over the phone.

3) We have a few rental equipments, but not enough for an entire group.

On the day of the event, this option isn't available. We always hire enough staff to help us with the booked groups.

4) Then it's good to contact us to see if the date that interests you is available? Often Saturdays are fully booked ahead of time. So it's good if you prepare ahead of time.

5)Then you need to pay the booking fee, which is $39.95+tx multiplied by the number of players in the group

Example : 10 players at $39.95+tx = $459.33 booking fee .

6) 3 methods are available to pay your booking fee : 

- By credit card by calling 819-687-9721.
- By EMT (Email Money Transfer) We can then send you the information by phone or by email by using this page.
- by our online reservation page  and one of our reps will call you back.

For each groups, there are tons of possibilities and we prefer to talk with you directly about all these possibilities when you book.

7) Once you are entered for your booked date, you will get a confirmation by email.

8) We invite each participant to fill out their waver form ahead of time!

9) A few days before you event, you will receive a reminder from our booking system.

On you airsoft event day

1) Arrive on time!!! If the game starts at 10 am, please don't arrive at 10:15 am. Players that got here on time won't appreciate waiting for you to setup.

2) If you are using your own playing equipment, get ready ahead of time. Show to your friends that you're a pro, not a newb haha.

3) Once you're on site, tel your organiser to come and see us at the front desk, especially if there are a few groups on site at the same time.

4) Fill out a weaver for each participant of your group with the correct information, if you loose something, we need to be able to find you.

5)We need 1 ID card per rental of your group. You will get back these ID cards once all items are returned at the end of the day. If equipment is missing our lost, you will get billed for them.

Cancellation policy

More than 30 days before your event, you can get 100% refund of your booking fee .

29 to 15 days before your event, you can get 70% of your booking fee refunded back.

Less than 14 days before your event, you can not get your booking fee refund back, but it stays in our records for a full year, so you don't really loose it. You then have 1 full year to book your event at a later date.

Example: June 1st 2020 till June 1st 2021.