What is paintball?

Paintball is a game of tag where players run after each other by shooting each other with paintball markers. Usually the groups are split in two and each has goals to accomplish. The games usually end either by eliminating the opposing team or by achieving the objective. A player is eliminated when he is hit by a bursting paintball.

Paintballs shot at Fort Ouest are fully biodegradable and safe for the environment.

2 booking package deals

2 hours of game play

Unlimited Nitro
Paintball Marker
Game time : maximum 2h

Summer : $29+tx
Winter : $39+tx**

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Whole day

Unlimited Nitro
Paintball Marker
Game time : up to 8 hours

Summer : $39+tx
Winter : $49+tx**

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*Photographer service available when the photographer is present.

**At Fort Ouest, we have researched a lot on how to give you the best winter paintball activity. We offer the multi-mask service, thus each player has access to more than one mask and can change it after each game. The winter paintballs also have a superior cost. We truly wish to offer you the best winter paintball experience.

Summer pricing : April 16th - October 31st
Winter pricing : November 1st - April 15th

3 package deals can be added to the entrance fee !

#1 Combatant

Neck guard
2 piece suit
Protection gloves
200 paintballs


#2 Recon

Neck guard
2 piece suit
Protection gloves
500 paintballs


#3 Operator

Neck guard
2 piece suit
Protection gloves
700 paintballs
Ammo belt
Sniper Marker
4 pods


The items listed above may vary. For packages purchased before April 25th 2022, we will honour the packages and prices originally paid. When you choose the Hero marker option, you may end up with a Bravo One or a Siera One or an A5 or a Phenom or an X7... first come first served!

"À la Carte"

You can build your own package deal, these items can either be bought or rented individually.

The items presented in the "à la carte" options above may vary. When you choose the Hero marker, it can vary by being either a Bravo One or a Siera One or an A5 or a Phenom or an X7 ... first come, first to choose!

Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades are presently available at Fort Ouest!

Cloud of smoke: $15

How to book?

It's fairly simple, there are 9 steps in your decision process

1) First you must decide on a date with your friends or co-workers.

2) 3 start times are available every day, so either 10 am. 2pm or 6 pm. Other start times are also available, but we need to talk about it over the phone.

3) It makes serving you faster to decide ahead of time what package deals you want on the day of your event, because on the game day everyone is excited to play!

4) Then it's good to contact us to see if the date that interests you is available? Often Saturdays are fully booked ahead of time. So it's good if you prepare ahead of time.

5)Then you need to pay the booking fee, which is $29+tx in the summer for 2h or +$10 if booked in the winter for winter play*) multiplied by the number of players in the group

Example (summer) : 10 players at $29+tx = $333.43 booking fee.

Exemple (hiver) : 10 players for 2 hours x $39+tx = $448.40 booking fee.

6) 3 methods are available to pay your booking fee : 

- By credit card by calling 819-687-9721.
- By EMT (Email Money Transfer) We can then send you the information by phone or by email by using this page.
- by our online reservation page  and one of our reps will call you back.

For each groups, there are tons of possibilities and we prefer to talk with you directly about all these possibilities when you book.

7) Once you are entered for your booked date, you will get a confirmation by email.

8) We invite each participant to fill out their waver form ahead of time!

9) A few days before you event, you will receive a reminder from our booking system.


Organized Days or Evenings

Occasionnally Fort Ouest organises events.

We then have special pricing on entries and balls on those events. We can welcome about 200 players on our site.

Find out about our events on our Facebook Page.


3-2-1 go GO GO !!

Get ready to have a lot of fun !


Capture the moment!

Sent to you by WeTransfer
< 399 photos = +$39
> 400 photos = +$55
For all pictures taken during the event.* A few pictures might be on our Facebook ou Instagram.

On your Game Day

1) If you are using your own playing equipment, get ready ahead of time. Show to your friends that you're a pro, not a newb haha.

2) Once you're on site, tel your organiser to come and see us at the front desk, especially if there are a few groups on site at the same time.

3) Fill out a weaver for each participant of your group with the correct information, if you loose something, we need to be able to find you.

4)We need 3 ID per 10 players of your group. You will get back these 3 ID cards once all items are returned at the end of the day. If equipment is missing our lost, you will get billed for them.

5) Package Deal choices :
-Even if you prepaid your entire event for you and your group we still need the filled out weavers for each player of your group. Then you can go to the equipment window and get your balls and rental gear. For groups where you prepaid your entire event, players that didn't show up, their balls get shared around with your group. Remember you are getting freebies for pre-paying..


- If the group decided ahead of time package deals, come pay the balance at the front desk. For each present player, the organiser can get $24.95+tx back. For players who didn't show up, you loose the booking fee .


- Decide whatpackage deal your group would like according to the time slot booked. If you have a 2h game slot in the morning, we can't have you folks playing past the 3h mark, because other players are coming to play in the afternoon. Calculate about 250 paintball ammunition per gameplay hour, but in the end it all depends if you're trigger "freak" or not. To increase serving times if everyone in the group decides to take the SAME PACKAGE DEAL, you will then be served faster. or each present player, the organiser can get $24.95+tx back. For players who didn't show up, you loose the booking fee.

Cancellation Policy

More than 30 days before your event, you can get 100% refund of your booking fee.

29 to 15 days before your event, you can get 70% of your booking fee refunded back.

Less than 14 days before your event, you can not get a booking fee refund back, but it stays in our records for a full year, so you don't really loose it. You then have 1 full year to book your event at a later date.

Example: June 1st 2020 till June 1st 2021.