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And most of all, save!!!

Your Fort Ouest membership works with all the activities offered by Fort Ouest! For the activities offered by our partners, tell them that you are a Fort Ouest member, they will then check your status and maybe you'll get discounts too?

With a membership card you get, the following at Fort Ouest:

- Paintball entrance fee of only $10+tx
- 50% off paintballs.
- Airsoft entry for only $29.95+tx.
- 10% off airsoft BBs.
- Buy paintball gear with 5-10% off on select items
- Buy airsoft gear 5% off.
- Play our game Grab or Tag at a special discount of $10+tx
- Get 10% off in our restaurant.

At Fort Ouest, we got 3 types of memberships:

Yearly Membership

- Yearly payment required
- After 4 yearly consecutive memberships paid, you are considered a lifetime member!


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Lifetime Membership

- No yearly fees once lifetime membership activated.
-On top of all the advantages
- Organise a group of at least 20 paintball players and get a free case of 2000 paintballs free
- Organise a group of at least 20 airsoft players & get 1 bag of free BBs a free meal on the day of your event.
- Organise a group of at least 30 Grab or Tag players and you and 4 of your friends will play for free.


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Yearly Corporate Membership

The annual corporate membership card is the best way to keep a business in good shape and with a united team. Paintball increases levels of communication and team spirit! For larger businesses, you can purchase multiple annual corporate membership cards. If you want to get your customers out of the business for an interesting and dynamic meeting? This special business card is offered to you with the terms below and at an annual price of $ 849.95 + tx Your Fort Ouest corporate member account offers the benefits with all the activities offered by Fort Ouest! Details on the purchase page.

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Have a lot of fun !

Get your own equipment!

Membership rules

- A member may not share his balls with a non-member..
- A member must follow Fort Ouest rules.
- A member can not share his advantages with non-members.

If a member doesn't follow the above information, his membership card might be revoked!