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And most of all, save!!!

Your Fort Ouest membership works with all the activities offered by Fort Ouest! For the activities offered by our partners, tell them that you are a Fort Ouest member, they will then check your status and maybe you'll get discounts too?

With a membership card you get, the following at Fort Ouest:

- Paintball entrance fee of only $10+tx
- 50% off paintballs.
- Airsoft entry for only $29.95+tx.
- 10% off airsoft BBs.
- Buy paintball gear with 5-10% off on select items
- Buy airsoft gear 5% off.
- Play our game Grab or Tag at 50% off our regular price.
- Get 10% off in our restaurant.
- During events, discounted admissions are offered to members, as event costs are not the same as regular day costs.
- Discount of up to $20 on stargazing evenings.

At Fort Ouest, we got 2 types of memberships:

Yearly Membership

- Yearly payment required
- After 4 yearly consecutive memberships paid, you are considered a lifetime member!


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Lifetime Membership

- No yearly fees once lifetime membership activated.
-On top of all the advantages
- Organise a group of at least 20 paintball players and get a free case of 2000 paintballs free
- Organise a group of at least 20 airsoft players & get 1 bag of free BBs a free meal on the day of your event.
- Organise a group of at least 30 Grab or Tag players and you and 4 of your friends will play for free.


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Are you passionate?

Paintball Member Day

Paintball Day

Are you passionate?

Airsoft Member Day

Airsoft Day

Have a lot of fun !

Get your own equipment!

Membership rules

- A member may not share his balls with a non-member..
- A member must follow Fort Ouest rules.
- A member can not share his advantages with non-members.

If a member doesn't follow the above information, his membership card might be revoked!