Located near Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, the Fort Ouest Activity Center opened it's doors on November 21st 2005 & we have been expanding ever since. Our speciality since our beginnings has been paintball, but since we have opened, our family of activities has been expanding. Ou main speciality has always been paintball, but we find it interesting to be able to accommodate people with a variety of activities offered by Fort Ouest and its partners.

Game fields : Paintball, Airsoft & Grab or Tag

Originally, we had built up to 17 game fields for our paintball park, but over time, we realized other than having an amazing number of fields, it was useless to have so many. In reality, players don't want a large selection of fields, but nice looking fields and free of debris. We regularly pick up branches. On game days, players usually use about 3-4 different fields. So what is the use to have more than 10 play fields? We have arranged the fields to be nearby or main building and parking lot, so you're never more than about a 3 minute walk to take a break at our chalet or outdoor picnic table.


Since 2005, Fort Ouest has been developing its paintball activities. This game is unique in itself, because it permits you to get out of your "ordinary life" (no pun intended) and also get out of your confort zone. Achieve your objectives, access checkpoints and "free the princess"! This game is an activity that develops good health, team spirit & communication. Are you ready to charge your opponents?

A group activity!

You work with your crew? And need to get out of the office?
Organizing a bachelorette or a bachelor?
Need to celebrate a friend's birthday?
Need to get the warrior inside of you, out?


Fort Ouest Owner

Restaurant & Events

On site, there is also a restaurant with an alcohol licence and up to 125 seating. Over the years, we have celebrated many weddings, business meetings, birthdays and even events with more than 400 offload and road ready motor bikes, etc. So think about us next time you want to organize an event? Every year, since about 6 years, around the month of May, we are one of the main stops in the event: "La Classique du printemps" of the organisation  Ride Aventure

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In 2011, we have added airsoft to our list activities offered. This activity is very similar to our paintball activity, but without paint that "explodes" on impact. When players are hit with airsoft BBs, they have to be honest and "call their hit". We have only a few rental equipments for airsoft. Most of the time airsoft players come with their own equipment. Our events are usually announced on our Facebook Page.

You are...

A Sniper?
A Medic?
A Civilian?
A Rebel?
An undercover Agent?
A Weekend Warrior?


Relive childhood games

The activity you will discover below, was recently added to our selection of offered activities. We have adapted the game to players of all ages, but especially for those young at heart.

Grab or Tag

In 2019, we have added "Grab or Tag" of offered activities. This new activity is an invention of the founder & owner of Fort Ouest, Daniel Fournier. Dan wanted to add another activity that could be played on the same fields he uses for paintball & he wanted to be different than other fields that do similar types of activities. Grab or Tag is a mix of the following games; dodgeball, regular tag, flag football with a point scoring system. We can accommodate groups ranging from 10 to 200 or more players at the same time. Our balls are ultra soft and "smooshy" and extremely safe for this game. The "balls" have a certain weight and can be easily thrown by either an adult or a child. Come discover this new activity!

Loved by teenagers, but the "older crowd" are going nuts!


Usually on weekends, we have a photographer on site. Inquire if he is available and about what options are available to get your pictures?
A fun day spent with good friends!

Evolution & Partners

3 other companies also operate at the Fort Ouest location and we also added a 4th one who is our next door neighbour. It's part of our philosophy to work together for the good of all.

You will find more information about each partner on our Partner Page.

Alaskan Aventure

Option Nature

Camping l'Escapade

New Activity Development

In the past, we used to have other partners, that offered ATV and snowmobile. Both those activities have high demand at Fort Ouest. Please note, that we are actively working on restoring these activities at Fort Ouest. We are presently talking with other potential partners, to offer you other venus. Please feel free to contact us, if you would like to work with us.