Weather Forecast for Fort Ouest

Starting May 17th 2024...

Whether the temperature is mild or there is rain or snow, the games always take place at Fort Ouest! For us the temperature doesn't matter. Worst case scenario, we will take a break and continue after the intense downpours.

We even have a comfortable chalet with fireplaces, TV, sound system, tables, chairs, couches, free WIFI for clients and even an NES™ system to play DUCK HUNT™, ​​MARIO™ or CONTRA™! We know, you are here to be outside, not to be in front of a TV!!

There is even a restaurant open every weekend in summer and up to 5 days/week (Thursday to Monday) in winter during the snowmobile season. Up to 110 people can be inside. On days when the restaurant is open, it is simply from noon to 5 p.m. or by reservation.

Additionally, outside, we have chairs and tables & numerous shelters to shelter you between games.

The games are always available by reservation, please contact us to be sure you have space.

Weekends are always busy at Fort Ouest!

Sometimes people plan their weekends based on mass media weather forecasts, which are often far too general and imprecise. In 2024, we took the initiative to partner with:

Weather Forecast of Fort Ouest

Météo Laurentides will release weather forecasts every Friday for Saturdays and Sundays specific to the area covering Fort Ouest.

Follow the following link for the forecast (Saturday and Sunday) which covers Fort Ouest.

Hoping that this service is more accurate than the forecasts on other websites and that your visit to Fort Ouest will be most pleasant!

See you soon,

The Fort Ouest Team