Yearly Membership

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Yearly Membership
Your Fort Ouest Yearly Membership Card works with all the activities offered by Fort Ouest! For the other activities offered by our partners, say that you are a Fort Ouest member, they will then check with us your status.

With the Yearly Membership Card, receive the following advantages:

- Paintball entry at $10 + tx for a regular day.
- Paintball balls at 50% off.
- Airsoft entry at $20 + tx for a regular day.
- Discount on BB of airsoft of 10%.
- Purchase of paintball equipment below $1000 = 15% discount.
- Purchase of paintball equipment between $1,001 to $ 1,999 = 10% discount.
- Purchase of paintball equipment above $2,000 = 5% discount.
- Purchase of airsoft equipment 5% discount at all times.
- Play "pogne ou tague" at 50% off for a regular day.
- 10% discount at the Fort Ouest restaurant.
- At events, discounted tickets are offered to members, as event costs are not the same as the costs of a regular day.

Details according to the Yearly Membership Status:

- The Yearly Membership Card is electronic, simply give your name and telephone number to the reception and you can then take advantage of the member benefits. We will also keep a photo of you in our system to reduce the risk of card sharing.
- After 4 consecutive annual contributions, you are considered a life member, at that time you will receive a real card in your name.