What footwear to wear?

Over the years, I've used many types of footwear. I've used tactical boots, work boots, running shoes, leather classic looking shoes, minimalist shoes, Five Finger shoes (funny story below)... It's really just like clothing, you ought to wear what's adapted to where you're playing. So when you go to a game, bring a few pairs and adapt to the terrain.

But here at Fort Ouest, the parking lot is mainly sand and stone (it drains fast on rainy days). Most of the fields are covered with pine needles, that makes it drain fast too. There are some grassy spots and no mud. So to play at Fort Ouest, a good pair of sneakers and you should be fine in the summer or winter boots in the winter.

Five Finger Shoes
My Five Finger shoes, an actual picture of my feet online! Hooray!

Ok, so above I was saying I have a funny story regarding my Five Fingers shoes? Well me and an old friend drove about 6 hours to PRZ Paintball in Picton, Ontario and I decided to wear my Five Finger shoes at that event. Well if you've never been to PRZ, it's like 2 football fields of buildings joined together and an outdoor paintball park around it. Meaning when you play there, you might be outside or inside. Well we finally got there and other players where laughing their heads off looking at my feet until we were inside an old kitchen. My feet stuck to the ground and all the guys with their military style tactical boots were slipping around like if it was the "Ice Capades".

Later on, I was walking inside and actually froze 2 guys who had no idea how I got so close tho them... I can sneak around like a ninja without being heard with these shoes.

At one point, my unit was going up the stairs and my own teammate behind me shot me on my toes. I believe I yelled all the swear words in French and in English I could of thought about. So yes, when you choose footwear, choose something comfy, safe and adapted to where you're playing. I recommend these funny shoes, but be warned, when players your feet, ou will feel it!!

I'll share an amazing contact with you guys, call up my best friend Max at Maxime Chaussures or Sécurité Max (819) 298-2498 in Gentilly, Québec or find him online on his web site at : securitemax.ca.

He has a large selection of running shoes, boots... and try to convince him to sell Five Finger shoes too. I've been trying to convince him for years, it's now a running gag between us. It's not just because he's a great friend, but he really has amazing service, a large selection of brands and sizes. If you need your order shipped to you, his shipping rates are dirt cheap. His store is huge and he's got a variety of other things also like work clothing. The sniper winter grey wool 3 finger style glove/mitts that I use here at Fort Ouest come from his store!

So really, next time you decide to go play paintball, bring a few pairs of shoes and if you play at my location, running shoes in the summer and winter boots in the winter are perfect!


- Dan
Fort Ouest owner since 2005


  • Jean -David

    Salut Dan, je joue principalement avec mes original SWAT mais aussi avec mes merrell, tout dépend de la journée (température. A bientôt

  • Jean-Yves

    Super blogue . ntéressant bravo ! A l’image du professionnalisme de l’endroit !

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