Mutual Aid Member Patch

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Mutual Aid Member Patch
Mutual Aid Member Patch
Mutual Aid Member Patch
Mutual Aid Member Patch
Mutual Aid Member Patch
Mutual Aid Member Patch
Mutual Aid Member Patch
Mutual Aid Member Patch
We are all living in a difficult period in our history during this COVID19 pandemic. At Fort Ouest, we are mainly an activity center specializing in paintball and airsoft. We are not an essential service, but we are a place where people like to have fun and we will always be here, once the pandemic crisis passes. Because just like you, we can't wait to start playing paintball / airsoft again and above all, to be amongst friends.

What can Fort Ouest do to help the world? So we thought about selling "Mutual Aid Member Patches" (Limited edition to 50 units), and instead of giving small discounts in return, we decided to offer MUCH more. In addition, you will help the La Samaritaine, a place that helps people in need, because we will give them $20 per "Mutual Aid Member Patch" sold. La Samaritaine helps people in tight situations and despite the constraints that we all live in, these days, they are here to help.

When you will use this patch at Fort Ouest before February 28th 2022, you will get the following discounts:

- Entrance to play paintball for FREE on regular paintball days. This is equivalent to $34.95 saved on your game day.
- 50% off regular airsoft days. This is equivalent to $19.98 in saving for a regular airsoft day.
- You also get $10 off events off events organized by Fort Ouest for both airsoft and paintball.

The backside of the 3D rubber limited edition patches is the hook backing of velcro.

Scheduled delivery of the patches is planned for June 2020.

This deal at $84.95+tx gives you much more than it's value till February 28th 2022.

Why February 28th 2022? Because February 28th will stay in our minds forever, because this year, a few weeks ago, we found out that Québec had it's first official case of COVID19.

So when the quarantine is lifted, save and come play paintball for free and pay only for equipment upgrades and paintballs. Or take advantage of the other discounts offered with this "membership".

Over time, when you wear this patch during games, even after February 28, 2022 ... you will have all the eternal gratitude of our paintball / airsoft center for being there for the community and for us in 2020.

Thank you !

- - - - - - - - -

La Samaritaine is a self-help center not funded by the government. Which works thanks to generous donations from individuals and businesses in the area. They have clothes, furniture, appliances, building materials, household items and more. They are open to all, without judgment. They need you to succeed in their mission. Their help areas are: food pantry, Christmas baskets, emergency assistance, school supplies, help for sick children and much more.

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