Annual Business Membership

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Annual Business Membership
If you want to get your employees and customers out of the office for an active and fun meeting? A few times during the year? This special business membership is offered to you with the options and terms below. So you get all the benefits below that you can share with 10 of your employees or customers who are passing through for 1 year.

Usually membership cards belong to individual members, but with the Annual Business Membership, you can share it within your company. For larger businesses, you can purchase multiple Annual Business Membership Cards, as member benefits cannot be shared with non-members.


The annual business membership card is the best way to keep a business in shape and with a united team.

Paintball helps businesses:


The endorphins released during intense exercise also eliminate mental stress and provide a feeling of calm. Plus paintball is simply fun and you spend a day outdoors away from work!

With our on-site restaurant, you can also combine the time spent here for an on-site meeting. Depending on the season, it is possible to rent our room with tables and chairs up to 125 seats at a reduced price.

With the Annual Business Membership, per day, ten of your employees will have the following discounts each visit from Sunday to Thursdays:

- Paintball entrance (includes mask and marker) for $15+tx for a regular day.
- Hat, neck guard, suit and padded gloves kit for $15+tx.
- 50% off paintballs.
- Play "Grab or Tag" at 50% off.
- 10% discount at our restaurant

Important Information:
- No more Annual fee required, after 5 consecutive annual contributions, your company will then be considered a lifetime member, at this time you will receive a rigid card with your company name with a unique membership number and we will then increase your number of employees from 10 to 20 per visit. In addition, your company will be displayed in our partners section of our website.
- The corporate member account can be shared within the company for 1 year among its employees or customers passing through the region, moreover at least 2 employees must be present if you send your customers to spend the day here to use the annual corporate membership card.
- The reservation requires to be booked at least 48 hours prior to each visit on behalf of the participating company by the owner or by his authorized representative.
- We will keep a record the number of times the company visits our location.
- Annual business members must follow Fort Ouest rules.
- A list of employees must be emailed to us. If we have any doubts, we will check the list.
- If any of your customers are present, we must be informed of the number of your customers present at the time of booking.
- Activity or other resellers cannot buy and resell these tickets at a discount with the ammunition benefits.
- A member cannot share benefits with a non-member.
- Any abuse or improper use of the membership could result in the cancellation of the annual membership card without reimbursement.

Please note that after purchasing 4.5 cases of 2000 bales during the year, your card will pay for itself!