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Near the Tremblant Resort in the Province of Quebec, the Fort Ouest Activity Center offers various activities to Tremblant tourists as well as individuals and businesses. Looking for activities such as airsoft, paintball, snowmobiling or dog sledding? Look no further! For our activity center can offer these activities in the most beautiful scenery!

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It is also possible to book our rooms for your events, with or without meals. We are licensed for alcohol and we have a large selection of wines, beers and cocktail drinks. Please note that for safety reasons, if you are doing activities, we ask that you consume at the end of your activities. Beer & cocktails will be even better!

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Paintball Fort Ouest is the only 4 seasons paintball park near Mont-Tremblant with its 15 playgrounds and 6 star service offered to our clientele since 2005!

In 2005, what is now known as the Fort Ouest Complex, was in fact simply a new paintball park. Over the years, Fort Ouest has evolved and offers with its partners activities (and services), the ideal combination for all.

Paintball Fort Ouest


Twice a year, the Fort Ouest Paintball Park organizes large scale paintball events. 360 ° thrilling scenarios where the action surounds you. Several businesses in the area offer prizes for sweepstakes at the end of the event. Visit our section about these events.


We are the most complete activity center nearest the Mont-Tremblant resort with our partners offering a wide range of activities & our 15 field paintball park.


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Paintball Fort Ouest

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Paintball Fort Ouest Alaskan Aventure Tremblant Yuma Expéditions

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