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We opened our Airsoft park in 2011, after two years of relentless work. Although Fort Ouest is a paintball park since 2005, we have diversified our activities incorporating airsoft. We have 177 acres to develop our activities. All 15 fields are accessible playgrounds for airsoft. The activity is similar to paintball. Just like the "snowboard" and skiing that are on the same mountain, airsoft and paintball are played on the same kinds of fields. The only exception is that the paintball leaves a paint mark on the body and airsoft projectiles do not leave a visible mark. So honor is required in airsoft.

Airsoft Tremblant

So what are you waiting for, book now at our near Mont-Tremblant location !

What are the FPS ACCEPTED ?

For players under 18, we limit the speed at 400 FPS and a minimum of 20 feet to hit a target. It's possible to be a "sniper" with a velocity of 450 FPS max and we require 60 feet before you hit a target. Even if you have a certification that says you're a safe shooter at 500 FPS, speeds over 450 FPS aren't accepted at our location if we catch you, you will be banned from our park and others we deal with.


Rental and sale of airsoft markers are only for 18 and over. Starting at 12 years old, we open our fields to children that come with their own gear. Why do we open our field to cheildren? It's a question of security. Kids already play airsoft in their back yard, sometimes in unsafe locations. At least here at Fort Ouest, we can keep an eye on players and prevent terrible accidents. We can also show them how to be safer.

Airsoft Tremblant


Except for FPS rules, the same rules used for paintball are used in airsoft.

  • On airsoft fields, the mask has to be warn at all times.
  • For players under 18, a paintball type of mask has to be warn on the playing fields at all times.
  • For players over 18, balistic glasses made for airsoft have to be warn at all times, preferably with a grill or a shemag to protech the nose, mouth and ears.
  • Masks with a simple grill over the eyes are not accepted, a lens has to cover the eyes.
  • If you take you mask off on the field, you are kicked out without refund.
  • Before leaving a field, we require you put a barrel bag on the tip of your marker. Only paintball type bags are accepted.
  • Only our biodegradable BBs are accepted. But if you bring your own, a slight fee will be charged. External bags of BBs have to be factory sealed bags and have to be biodegradable. Open bags are not accepted. Pyrotechnics are accepted, but only ones sold here at our location.
  • FPS verification is required at the begining of the event and/or if asked by our staff.
  • Violence prohibited
  • Drugs prohibited
  • Honesty, team spirit and fair play required.
  • Less than 18 years old, 400 FPS max and 20 feet minimum to shoot a target.
  • Over 18 years old, 450 FPS max, 60 feet minimum to shoot a target and a "side arm" is required to shoot anyone between 20 to 60 feet with a 400 FPS maximum velocity.
  • Blind shooting prohibited
  • 1 ball is enough to take out a target
  • At less than 20 feet, call "FREEZE" instead of shooting your target.
  • Prohibited to shoot referees, camera crews, animals and anyone not wearing protective gear. Keep your eyes open and think about prevention.
  • You are responsible of rental gear : lost, stolen or broken = your responsibility.


From time to time we organise airsoft events. We invite you to view our Facebook Page.

Some events are reserved for players over 18 and others are for all ages starting at 12 years old.

Airsoft Tremblant


In 2012, we tried a new type of event, we have created hybrid days where people play with both airsoft and paintball at the same time. Some airsoft players are reluctant to this kind of activity, but we noticed as much as on the paintball side that airsoft players are interested in this activity.

The only rule that changes on the paintball side is that if the ball hits you and does not break, you are still considered out of the game. What is really interesting in this kind of event, you have the Paintball markers that make a louder noise and airsoft are much softer... Airsoft Snipers are awesome oponents field.


We require you bring a red cap or "tuque" or piece of red cloth if we play games with medics.

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